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Whether you are a novice or a professional in digital art and photoshop, you need a place to find tips, advice, tutorials, and other helpful information. Knowing graphic design, digital design of any kind, and photoshop are essential DIY skills to have since technology will keep evolving quickly. In addition to that, learning graphic design and photoshop can give you a new opportunity to make a lucrative income. That is why Photoshop Lady is here to provide you the elite digital art content you need. 

An Adobe photoshop expert is the one who established Photoshop Lady. Other contributors to the site include a graphic designer, a photographer, an illustration expert, and an artist. These are digital art experts, and you will find the best contributions and content from them to help you improve your photoshop and graphic design skills. 

Adobe Photoshop Expert, Founder, Chief Editor

Adele Manning

Adele Manning was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and had a love for art when she was young. She used to draw during her spare time during her youth. When she was a teenager, she wanted to go into the graphic design arts field, as the niche began to grow at that point. Adele attended Seneca College of Applied Arts in Toronto and took the graphic design program. After earning her diploma, Adele worked as a freelance graphic designer for many clients of various niches. 

Adele also began learning photoshop and took some courses in it. The more she learned photoshop, the more she loved it. Adele continues to work as a freelance graphic designer for various clients, but she provides tutorials and photoshop courses. She quickly earned the reputation as ‘Photoshop Lady’ and loved that. That is what inspired her to establish the Photoshop Lady website. She needed help with keeping it going, so she invited a graphic designer, illustration expert, an artist, and a photographer to contribute content. 

Adele moved back to Ottawa and is a married work at home mom to three small children. She enjoys playing various sports when she is not too busy with motherhood and work. 

Mike O’Toole

Mike O’Toole was born in Concord, New Hampshire, and during his youth, he used to draw during his spare time. He also had a strong interest in comic books and used to draw comic book characters. Once technology began to evolve, Mike dabbled in graphic design during high school. He became quite good at it; he sold graphic design services on Fiverr for a few years, from 2012 to 2015. During that time, Mike was attending the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston and took the graphic design diploma program. Mike decided to stay in Boston after graduation and took a job as a digital marketing agency graphic designer. He still works at that agency to this day. Mike is also a worthwhile contributor to Photoshop Lady and contributes useful content on graphic design. 

Mike is married with three kids and a bulldog and still has a strong love for comics and anime. He cannot wait to go to the next comic book convention. 

Jesse Griffin

Jesse Griffin was born and raised in Brighton, England, and showed a love for comics when he was young. He would read comics and draw characters during his spare time during his youth. When Jesse got his first computer in his teens, he would spend a lot of time doing illustrations and would get wild with it by using his imagination. Jesse is the creative type and knew that his dream occupation was to go into something that had to do with the arts. 

Jesse attended the University of Brighton and landed his Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration. He has worked at several firms as an illustrator, as well as taking on several freelance jobs. He is excellent when it comes to creating infographics, as many health agencies hired him to do. Food industry sectors hired Jesse to do infographics and other illustrations for them too. Jesse is a worthwhile contributor at Photoshop Lady, providing tips and tutorials on illustration. 

Jesse lives in London, England, with his cat and fiance, and he also enjoys painting, playing his guitar, and baking. 


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