How to Make Your Personalized PhotoBook Easily

Photographs are an incredible tool for preserving memories in tangible forms. Not only it captures your most treasured moments but also keeps the sentiment intact no matter when you look at it. PhotoBooks are where we maintain and keep our photographic collection. There are many reasons to make photo book in today’s technologically advancing world. They allow your loved ones and family to reminisce your special moments for years to come. When you create a PhotoBook you make sure your memorable moments stand the test of time. Since photo albums capture and preserve life’s moments, they make fantastic gifting options. They offer a unique window to your special moments (wedding, birthday party, etc.) to your friends and family. You can customize and tailor the album to the recipient’s personality and style. Spice it up with fun backgrounds, photo borders and stickers. The best custom photo books offer extraordinary design options.

Benefits of Photo Album Making Software To Various Industries

The ever increasing popularity of social media platforms which are more image centric has added to the need of photobook making software for variegated industries such as food, fashion, travel and retail industry to name a few. Needless to mention that these industries along with several others heavily rely on networks such as Pinterest and Instagram to connect with their target customers.

PhotoBook design software with customization capabilities enable businesses to enhance brand building and boost sales in an astonishing way. Using professional looking photos not only makes business stand out but also add to their credibility and allow them to create a robust social media strategy that works.

PhotoBook maker software

So how can you design your own personalized photo album book? Well, thanks to the convenience and popularity of web to print now you can customize and design almost everything that can be. There are numerous options for online photo book design tools. And they offer you following features and functions in case of personalization/customization

Editable Templates

Editable templates enable the authors to be flexible and create any template the way they want. It also acts the centre from where you can manage every feature of the template (layout, structure, initial content) and every component on the template. It’s more customizable as it gives you the control to what the author can see and use on the page. This includes finding if the components are editable, what are the design properties of the page/components, you can choose how the content is displayed on the screens of different devices. You can even choose to hide it on small screen.

Photo Upload and Editing 

Helps you get the best out of your photograph collection. You can upload photographs from social media, such as instagram, etc. It also gives you advanced photo editing tools such as cropping, resizing, rotation, photographic effects. It also helps maintain printing resolution with its image resolution alert if the uploaded image is below required resolution for printing.

Page Layouts

This feature allows you to design pages with the help of editable text and photo boxes. You can either use a pre-designed layout or design your own to suit your expression. Customers can personalize their album using any type of layout.

You are also in control of how much safe margin you can put in your album. You can also customize front and back cover settings in addition to bleed, cut and margins


It offers an incredible collection of background images/themes to help consumer express every sentiment they seek to via there custom photo book. The vast collection allows the customer to fill the pages with their own story as vividly as it can be.

Live Pricing Display 

You can get the estimated pricing of your order in real time, with this feature as you design your card, depending on your card design, material used in the card, size of the order, type of finish. You can even request for an advance quote without designing the card itself by just stating the material to be used, type of finish and size of the order.

Here’s a video of this software that will allow you to design:


All these custom software for album design give you the freedom to create a photo album/book that best suits your vision. You can choose from a host of pre-available templates for design and layout and should they not hit the mark for you can create a design from scratch. With rising demand in web to print commerce (estimated to grow to $1.3 billion by the year 2022) it has become far more accessible to create a customized product (here for instance, a photo album) than it was a decade ago. And the stats speak for themselves, this is not a passing trend but a new ground in the field of customization and print commerce.