A Step by Step Guide to Designing the Perfect Car Wraps

Since the beginning of advertising, packaging has been a major influencer on what we buy and why. If two identical products come in vastly different qualities of packaging design, the higher quality package will win every time.

The same thing applies to when you’re buying car wraps and what people perceive about your brand from their design.

Here are the 5 steps to designing the perfect car wraps that will get the word out and get people excited about your products.

1. Pick The Perfect Vehicle

When you’re choosing the perfect design for the perfect car wrap, you can’t start in the abstract. You need to decide what car you’ll be designing a wrap for. Your ideal wrapped vehicle will match your brand’s style and help to reinforce the main qualities of your brand.

Is your brand tough and rugged? How about a truck, a Jeep, or a mid-sized SUV? You could help to reinforce the tough style that you project with your wrap on a vehicle that strongly matches your aesthetic.

With the right vehicle, you can drive home who you are with very little effort.

IF you’ve got a more elegant brand, you can pick an elegant car for your car wrap. Choosing a luxury sedan is a bold move for a car wrap but if done right, you can really show your demographic what your brand is about. Imagine a luxury car outfitted with a Louis Vitton pattern and how that would turn heads from Park Avenue to Rodeo Drive.

2. Choose a Color Scheme

Your color scheme is as vital as the car that you choose to put your car wrap on. If you go to bold and too brash, you might turn people off. If you don’t go bold enough, you might go unnoticed and have no real reason for wrapping your car in the first place.

You can follow your brand’s preexisting color schemes for a holistic kind of vibe that matches what you’ve already got going on. This way, you’ll be increasing the support for a brand that your customers are already familiar with. When you choose colors that already match, you vet your converted clients before they even see your logo present.

If you choose to go with something bolder, you’ll likely be contrasting the color scheme of your logo. That’s not a bad thing at all. It can help to draw extra attention to your car wrap and make it worthwhile.

The point of your car wrap is to draw attention and put some brand awareness out there into the world. Your car wrap shouldn’t be harsh, but it shouldn’t be quiet. The whole point is to shout loud and clear what you’re about.

3. Just the Logo or a Whole Vibe?

If you choose to just put the logo on your car wrap, you get to keep it simple and focused. If you go for a different vibe, an entirely different look and feel, you can show your customers that you’regrowing and expanding. Depending on where you are in the lifespan of your company, you might want to consider this option.

If you don’t have enough saturation for your brand name and your logo, just having your logo on your car wrap as you drive around town might amplify your message. PEople will get accustomed to seeing it and get it imprinted in their mind.

People need to hear about a brand three times before it sticks with them, so go ahead and make sure they know your name when you drive by.

Once your clientele knows your name and knows what you provide, they’re going to want to hear something else. If you’ve already conquered the dragon of brand awareness, you need to take on something new.

A car that looks to be covered in graffiti with a new, graffiti-styled version of your logo could attract a new fanbase. You could show that you’re bringing it back to where you came from or connected to urban landscape.

4. Make it High Quality

You can’t compromise at all when you’re thinking about the print quality of your car wraps. You need every image that you add to your car wrap to be high definition with lots of details.

You won’t be able to achieve that detail unless you ensure that every element that you use is in high definition.

From the logo to the font to any textures that you add, your print needs to show off a high level of print quality. The jagged edges of a pixelated logo will gut the perception of your brand right open. If you don’t take the time to get the highest quality of every file and vector, you might as well not print.

If you can’t make it high quality, you could end up doing more damage than good with your efforts.

5. Find a Printer

Once you’ve nailed down how you want your car wrap to look, you need to get a printer who can deliver. You’ve done the work to ensure that you’ve got a great looking car wrap so you need your printer to understand how important quality is for you.

If you end up handing over high-quality images only to get a low-quality print, you could be in for a headache dealing with the printer. If they’re worth their salt, they’ll know how to print at the quality you want. And if they can’t deliver, they’ll alert you ASAP to talk about other options.

Check out these products to see what a great printer can do when it’s time to print out your car wraps.

Car Wraps Can Spread the Word in a Serious Way

If you’re wondering whether or not car wraps can help you get the word out, why not ask someone who has a car wrap? Read the reviews on a car wrap site and you’ll see that people really find that they work.

If you’re having trouble getting the word out, a great wrap can vastly improve your impact on the local market.

If you’re still working on making the perfect logo, check out our guide for tips.