5 Tips For Starting an Online Printing Business With Your WordPress Website

Did you know the digital printing market could reach 28 billion by 2023?

Do you want to start an online printing business but aren’t sure where to begin? Not to worry! In this article, we’ll go over five tips you can use when building your online business with WordPress.

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Printing Business: A Guide

Starting an online business is challenging but fun. You need to consider what you’re going to sell in your printing business and how you’ll collect payments. Don’t forget to design a business card to hand out to potential customers. 

Let’s look at how WordPress is a powerful platform to sell your items.

1. How to Setup an Online Store

To start your store, you’ll need web hosting, a domain name, and an SSL certificate. Your domain name is your website’s address on the world web.

Users will type it in to find your online printing store. Web hosting makes your site accessible to folks through the internet.

An SSL certificate will provide you with a layer of security on your website. You can accept private information like credit card numbers and shipping addresses. You’ll need this certificate to receive credit card payments on your site.

2. Set Up WooCommerce

Find a host for your site that offers a package designed for WordPress. Then you can use WooCommerce to sell your items. This is a plugin, and you can download and install it for your site.

Customize a WordPress theme that works with WooCommerce. Use the Product Tab to add the first product you will sell. This will guide you through the process.

WooCommerce needs essentials like a cart, account, checkout, and shop option. You can create these pages on your site. WooCommerce supports Stripe payment and Paypal. You can install other payment methods later if you need them.

Consider having an option to print a brochure for your customers. This is a popular item that customers will order from your business. 

3. Add Products to Your Store

Visit the Products tab and add a new page. Provide a title for your product and a detailed description. On the right-hand column, you’ll see the Product Categories box.

Create categories for your product. Your customers can browse products in an organized manner.

4. Customize Your WordPress Theme

You can choose a theme for your WordPress site that looks attractive for when users visit. For your WooCommerce shop, you can also control how your different products appear. There are thousands of free themes available.

Check out the Appearance and Customize page. You can launch a theme customizer and change theme settings.

5. Add Plugins to Your Website

Once you have your store set up, add other elements onto your site, such as an about page and a contact form. You can customize WordPress and add features like photo galleries of your products.

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