5 Reasons to Make Custom Picture Buttons

With more than 60% of people passing on their promotional or custom made items when they’re done with them, custom materials can have a big impact. Picture buttons or customized promotional materials have a long shelf life.

Even if you’re not promoting a brand, making some custom picture buttons can give your event or celebration a longer life through a physical object.

Here are 5 reasons you should make custom picture buttons.

1. Celebrate a Birthday Milestone

If you’re celebrating a big birthday milestone, you should consider making some custom picture buttons. Celebrating a 30th or 40th birthday party is a big deal and making some memorable swag gets everybody into the right mood. Since you only get to live through one of these milestones once, you should make it count.

If someone is turning 30, they’re probably at their most attractive. That’s a great time to roll out an embarrassing photo from their teenage years. All of their friends and loved ones will love to have photos of their friend or family member as a teen.

It’ll be a fun thing to laugh at for years to come.

If you’ve got a friend who is worrying about getting old, a funny gift could help soften the blow. Poke some good-natured fun at them with a birthday milestone pin using an embarrassing photo or a picture of them when they were young.

You could even use a doctored photo to make them look older than they are. Have fun with it and make everyone laugh with your picture buttons.

2. Make it a Tradition

If you have an annual or semi-regular get together with family, friends, or colleagues, mark it with a custom picture button. If you’re meeting up with your old college friends before an engagement party or a reunion, picture buttons could make the memory last longer. Since everyone loves buttons, you won’t have a tough time getting everyone on board.

No one has printed photos of their friends anymore. Every photo exists on a digital server somewhere and if those servers crash or someone loses access to their account, there go all of their memories. A printed button allows them access to an image of their closest friends and loved ones in a fast-disappearing physical form.

When you make your button a tradition, you give people an extra reason to get excited. They may collect the buttons from your previous events as an added bonus to going to your events.

3. Mark a Memorial

While it can be a sad reason to create picture buttons, they can help you remember someone you lost or the end of some era. Even though it might be difficult to deal with, with a picture button, you get to show your solidarity in the face of tragedy. Loss is difficult but it’s much easier when you have something tangible to hold on to.

If a loved one died young or tragically, you might find that the community comes together to show their support. A picture button gives you the opportunity to stand as one. With a button marking a memorial, you can carry the memory with you wherever you go.

You might even make new connections with other people who were at the memorial event when you see them out with the button

If you belong to an organization that celebrates in the honor of someone or some institution that is no longer in existence, you should consider picture buttons. It allows you to remember the better times in a way that the world can see.

4. Make it Easier For People to Find Help

If you’re running an event with lots of different people who’ve never met each other before, you’ll need something to identify the organizers. If you don’t want people wearing uniforms or if you’re having your staff mix with the guests, custom buttons can help them stand out from the crowd.

Some events or conventions will have people visiting from all over the world. If you’ve got people who are speaking many different languages, your interpreters could be marked with custom buttons. This allows your visitors to feel welcome and comfortable speaking with someone who can understand them clearly.

If you’re running an event for kids and families, you might want to reassure parents that there is plenty of trained staff ready to provide first aid. They could be worried about security or whether or not there are enough adults to watch all of the kids. Your custom buttons allow them to put their minds at ease, seeing just how many people there are around to help in case of an emergency.

5. Help Keep Your Party Together

If you’re headed out for a celebratory night on the town, custom buttons could be the only way that strangers will be able to identify one another. For a startup that’s having their first bonding outing, custom buttons give everyone the chance to see who might be working beside them or on another floor. It allows everyone to open up and get to know who is who.

Put your company logo on the button for some swag that everyone will wear long after the event.

For a bachelor or a bachelorette party, your custom button could be a big help to staff. If your party is getting a little raucous, they might be a little more forgiving to the people wearing the buttons. If there’s any confusion about whose tab a drink is on, they can use the buttons to assign whose order goes to whom.

Picture Buttons Have a Big Impact

No matter what your occasion is, picture buttons can make it even more fun and memorable. With something to take home to remember the experience, it’s easy to recall what was so great about a fun weekend with friends and family.

If you’re getting together with the youngest members of your family to make a custom button, check out our guide for working together on the design.