What is proper etiquette when renting a limo?

If you are headed out to a party or a corporate event, a limo is the best way to make an impression. It is classy, and can carry a large number of people. Besides, limos such as those provided by Price 4 Limo have lots of amazing amenities in them. However, even as you work towards hiring a limo, you need to learn some limo etiquette. This will help enhance your image, and also take care of the limo for the people who will use it next. To prepare you for a limo ride, here are a few tips on proper etiquette when renting a limo.

  1. Show respect to the driver

No matter how important you are, or you believe you are, never disrespect the limo driver. When you disrespect them, you risk distracting him/her and possibly causing an accident. That is not something you want on a limo ride. Besides, when you show respect to the driver, you incentivize them to show you some amazing sites that you probably didn’t know of, and add fun to your trip. The driver is human, just like you, and when you treat them well, you stand to get the most out of them.

  1. Don’t destroy anything in the car 

When you enter a limo, you will find lots of fancy things on it. No matter how tempting it is, don’t take anything from the car. Also try and use everything inside it, the way you are supposed to. For instance, it is wrong for you to pour drinks on the seats. Remember, you are not the only one using the limo. Others will use it after you, and it is only courteous that you leave it in the condition that you left it. 

  1. Tip the driver if possible 

This goes back to treating the driver with courtesy. 

As a show of appreciation to the driver, give them a tip once you end the trip. The challenge that most people face when tipping is not knowing how much to give. There is always the fear that you could tip too little and appear contemptuous, or too much and appear to be bribing them. Well, don’t worry any longer. In the limo industry, there is a growing consensus that the best amount to tip a driver is 20% of the car’s rental price. But you can always tip the amount that in your opinion, the driver is deserving.

  1. Enter and get out of the limo correctly

How you enter and exit the limo shows your sense of class, or lack of it. As a rule, never enter the limo in a manner that leaves your butt sticking out. The best way to enter the limo is to wait for the chauffeur to open the door for you, then enter with one leg first. After finding an appropriate place to sit in the limo, slide in, the rest of the body. The same applies when getting out of the limo. Get one leg out, and after getting a footing on the ground, take out the other leg.