The Latest Trends in Quilting

Are you searching for the latest trends in quilting? You are in the right place. During the holidays, it is quite common to make loved ones a quilt if that is your craft. Doing so is a gesture of love and is a gift that can be used for generations to come. 

To make a quilt even more special, you can choose unique fabrics with a variety of textures. Doing so will give depth to the quilt’s design. To make your quilting easier, you should read this post. The following are the latest trends in quilting that will make quilting easier for you so that you can be more efficient and productive in your endeavors.

1)            Brother CS7000i

This is one of the most inexpensive machines that can make both sewing and quilting easy. It is loaded with many features such as an automatic needle threader, offers accessory storage, and includes a better LCD dimension. It weights just 13 pounds with measurements of 11.4 X 6.7 X 16.1 inches. It is computerized, easy-to-use machine that performs quilting and sewing operations easy. It includes a LCD backlit screen that provides good illumination for you whenever you are sewing in a poorly lit environment. You will also enjoy the ability to thread the machine easily with the automatic needle threader feature. You can also enjoy a sewing speed of 850 stitches per minute. You can click here to find out more about the machine and other products like it.

2)            Linda’s Embroidery Designs Review

As a designer, this is the solution you have been looking for. This design has thousands of designs in one package. You do not have to surf the net to search for designs. You can select any pattern on this package for your next project. These designs were created by professional embroidery designers, and they can be easily made on embroidery machines. Check different forms of designs such as Christmas, Animals, Flowers, Dolls, and many more designs on Linda’s embroidery design collections. You should download this collection.

3)            Oliso Iron

Do you want to make your fabric look good? Use Oliso iron to press fabrics after quilting. A good pressing will give your product a professional look. You can get the best quilting iron from this iron. It is one of the best products that you can find in today’s market. Its stainless steel soleplate offers anti-scratch resistance to the iron, and it also gives an even distribution of steam without burning your fabrics. Check only for the best quilting irons for your fabrics.

4)            Singer Professional 5 Serger

Enjoy the 2, 3, 4, and 5 thread options for better cover stitch finishing offers by this machine. You can cover any type of stitch on your fabrics, starting from narrow to triple stitch covering. You can do this by using the turn dial, which will make the tension settings to adjust automatically. The stainless steel bed-plate on this machine allows you to glide fabrics on the machine easily during sewing. Enjoy a high sewing speed of 1,300 stitches per minute. You can learn more about this machine on trusted platforms. There are many quilting tools and machines that you can buy online. Learn more about different quilting products, tools, and machines by visiting trusted platforms.