The Different Types of Photos You Should Have on Your Website

One-third of marketers say that images are the most important form of content on a website.

That could be because the average person is only 10% likely to remember something three days after hearing it. But, if a relevant image is paired with the information, the same person is 65% likely to remember the content three days later. 

If you want your products or services to stand out, you need to be using photos on your website. There are several types of photos you should have on your website. 

Keep reading to learn how to choose the right images for your site.

Professional Headshot

One of the most common types of images you’ll find on websites is the professional headshot. 

This is most commonly found on the “About” or “Contact” pages of the website. This helps the customer put a face with the name and personifies your business. 

Professional headshots are a posed, formal image. This image can be taken outside or inside but is most commonly a portrait showing the upper half of the body. Every employee of your business needs a headshot for the website and marketing opportunities. 

Lifestyle Photos

Lifestyle photos are a way to further connect with your audience and give your website an authentic feel. By definition, lifestyle shots are un-posed photos, showing everyday actions. 

If you own a massage business, you could include lifestyle photos of the services you offer. Or, if you sell a product, include lifestyle images of someone using the item. 

You want these photos to appear realistic to help your customer picture themselves using your service or product. These images can be used on your product pages, within your blog posts, or anywhere else on your blog. 

Product Shots 

If you are in the business of selling products, then product shots are going to be extremely important. 

These are shot in a well-lit area, on a blank background. Traditionally, you’ll have close-up product shots so that a potential customer can see the details of what you’re selling. Make sure that you take photos of the product from all angles, and photograph the item in different color or size options if available. 

The most important aspect of product shots is that they accurately represent the item. These images will exist on the Sale pages of your website. 


Don’t forget about graphics when it comes to website photos. These are often made up of a background blur photo, overlayed with text. 

You’ll most commonly find graphics serving as the header of pages or the feature image of blog posts. The great thing about using graphics on your website is that you can then use the same image to share the content on your social media pages. By using similar graphics, you’ll start to create a brand appearance that your customers will recognize. 

Good Website Design Involves Multiple Types of Photos

All of these types of photos are equally important, and good website design involves using different photos together. 

Start by ensuring you have a professional headshot of all employees, as well as lifestyle shots of your products or services in action. Then, use product photos to advertise what you’re selling in a professional way. Finally, don’t forget to use graphics to help enforce your brand image and to share your content on social media. 

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