Search Engine Optimization – How to Double Your Client’s Organic Traffic

The business world has changed over the years and you’ll need to rely on digital methods of marketing your brand to succeed. One of the best ways to do that is through search engine optimization (SEO) to get better traffic for your business. When you use the right techniques and strategies, you can double your organic traffic. 

If you’re in the business of helping people with their search engine optimization needs, here are some of the best ways to double your client’s organic traffic.

Help Clients Work On Their Content

You need to teach and advise your clients on how to create excellent content on their platforms. It’s always nice to show them how fresh and interesting content can drive people to come back for more. Advise your clients that they need to post useful and relevant content that relates to their business, giving people the information they need with interesting facts and tasteful articles about specific topics they would love. When they achieve this level of quality content, their platform will become a nice, effective hub for information that many people visit daily. Also, it will attract new visitors too, and that will increase their organic traffic tremendously. Show them how useful guides, compelling news articles, interesting videos, and attractive imagery can make your client’s customers happy and satisfied. Ensuring that they will continue to visit and bring in more potential customers to visit the website too.

Help With Their Backlinks 

It would be great if you help your clients with their backlinks and double-check that every one of their backlinks is working properly. It’s important to make sure that everything is working to make their link building strategies benefit them constantly. Make sure you use the latest techniques and software to help you with reviewing their backlinks properly. The digital marketers and SEO specialists at believe that the key to a stellar link building strategy is using backlink software to avoid getting unnatural backlink profiles or turning them into Blackhats. Using helpful backlink management software can give your clients the competitive edge to compete with their rivals in the market. If you use this tool to ensure they don’t have to guess what the top-ranked platforms are doing or to make sure Google doesn’t consider them Blackhats, you can guarantee your clients a lot more traffic.

Advise Them To Get a Strong Server

Advise them to get a strong server for their website because slow platforms will never generate more organic traffic. Also, it would be perfect if you were able to provide the server yourself to ensure their website is never lagging. Most users will leave the platform if it’s slow or it doesn’t load after 3 to 4 seconds. If your client has slow platforms, they will lose a lot of opportunities to generate leads and increase their sales margins. This will completely ruin their plans, and they won’t be considered a great candidate for the top ranks on the search engine results. So, make sure their server is working smoothly and quickly because this is what potential customers like. Fast websites can generate a lot more organic traffic over time.

Analyze Their Progress

Your clients probably don’t know how to analyze their progress and this is why you should step in and do it for them. It’s essential to use Google’s search console and analytics to get precise information about the progress of your client’s platform. You can review it all and use the accurate data to find the exact moments that the website had great traffic. With this, you can assess the cause of what happened on those days and replicate it for them. Also, you will see the slow days where traffic was minimal and the website had a decline of traffic intake. You can analyze the data to figure out what happened on those specific days and avoid repeating them. The accurate findings will be beneficial to you to make sure your client continues to stay on the top ranks and generate excellent organic traffic.

Advice Your Clients To Go Mobile

If your clients don’t have a mobile-friendly website, this is the perfect time for you to advise them to invest in its development. People that search for anything, mostly use their smartphones and your clients have a better chance of getting more traffic this way. They would be losing so many opportunities for exposure and success because approximately 77% of online users browse different websites and purchase products through their smartphones. Convince your clients to have mobile-friendly websites that have excellent functionality on any mobile device or tablet. This will increase their organic traffic and help them retain their high rank on search engine results. 

Provide Them With Excellent Keyword Strategies

You should help your clients by providing them with excellent keyword strategies because that will increase their overall traffic, significantly. Whether you use local keywords or keywords that make sense to their business, you should help them with the research required to ensure that their platform will be found easily online. You need to understand the personality of your client’s customers and the potential customers that could search for the same term. This is how you can determine the right keyword for your clients to reel in positive traffic. The density of the keyword doesn’t matter, but what matters is having keywords that make sense and are relevant to the customer and the client’s business.

When it comes to business, it’s inevitable that sooner or later you’ll realize the significance of search engine optimization and how it can elevate your businesses- and you’ll certainly want all the assistance you can get to double your organic traffic. Positive traffic means more exposure and it generates more leads. Those leads become paying customers that increase your sales margins. So, this means more profits and a lot more success. All of this is possible if you use search engine optimization correctly and professionally to meet your business goals and make a name for yourself in the market.