Photography Trends Enlivening the Digital Crowd

Just as the old adage says “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Anyone who has ever dabbled in web design can tell you how important simplicity is and how the perfect photo or set of photos can fully encapsulate the idea of the web page.

Photography has always played a major role in web design. In the day and age where computer screens are capable of displaying high definition photos and where just about anyone can buy a decent quality camera, digital photography has definitely seen a surge in popularity. Not to mention demand. Pretty much all types of websites have seen how effective and appealing photos can be. Everyone wants to use photographs to spice things up on their page. Web design companies like Secret Hideout, a design agency based in Singapore, have even learned to optimize photos in their web templates.

On the internet, everything is in a perpetual state of progress. For websites that actively nurture creativity and innovation, it is important to pay close attention to fads as they come and go. It is equally important to understand why they have gained the hype that they have. This way you will not only stay in the loop. Your website will appear advanced and stylish. Not only that, you will develop your skills in customizing your web page.

The current trend in websites, especially ones dedicated for photography, is going unconventional and innovative. Here are just a few of the latest fads in using photos on a web page.

The Rise of Color Overlays

In an age where brands and even small businesses are determined to distinguish themselves from others, it is no wonder that color overlays (adding a semi-transparent color box on top of an image) are so popular. Though it is a fairly simple technique, it is really effective. Color overlays transform simple images to suit a certain color scheme of a website. And when done really well, it can trigger an emotional response from the reader since color overlays intensify the strengths of a photo.

As simple as this technique seems, one should still be mindful of choosing the right color to use on an image. The color needs to be contrasting enough to make an impact but not overpower the photo’s tone.

Calculated Photo Manipulation

Photoshop (and other editing software) has truly changed the world of photography. Editing images to create a different and improved photo is all the rage now since it is both ingenious and practical. Sometimes, no matter how good of a photographer you are, it is just not physically possible to take your ideal shot without relying on after effects.

Photo manipulation breathes new life into even the most simple of photos. The sky’s the limit when you know how to edit photos. You can find all sorts of tips and tricks online on how to edit. And one place that collects photoshop tutorials is Photoshop Lady.

Less is More with Minimalism

Minimalism is one of those tried and true trends that is not going to go away any time soon. It is very simplicity means that you can’t really go wrong with it. A minimalist approach is versatile and elegant, modern and timeless.

Hero Images Save the Day

Using a hero image, a full width high definition web banner image, is a surefire way of capturing the attention of the reader. Since it is the first thing that the reader sees when they click on the website, getting the perfect hero image is crucial. One photo needs to embody the theme of the website and give readers an idea on what they are in for.

A great hero image needs to be immersive yet not distracting. Secret Hideout, a design agency based in Singapore, is an expert at finding the perfect hero image for any site. Their photos are aesthetically pleasing but also professional, able to reflect the values of the website.  

All Natural Photos

While staged photos are undoubtedly invaluable, the new trend is capturing objects in their natural environment. It lends a certain authenticity to photographs and are more visually dynamic than artificially constructed sets. A more natural photo can convey the message or display a product much easier.

Photography and Typography

While it is true that photographs are supposed to substitute the need for words, there is a lot to be gained when you combine the two art forms together. A well designed typography can truly enhance a photo while also communicating a direct message. The two art forms complement each other: the photo adds a more visual aesthetic to the typography while the typography influences how the photo is interpreted.

This dynamic duo is a great way of optimizing a web page. It is quite obvious why combining the two has become quite the fad that it is. Why settle on just one art form when you can use both and increase the impact, right?

Eye-catching Moving Elements

Human instinct dictates that we need to pay attention to anything that moves so adding subtle movement to your website can draw people in. This does not necessarily mean animated illustrations exclusively. Adding videos is a good option. Mouse-over effect (for titles and captions) is also a simple but effective idea.

Think Outside the Box

Following the traditional grid layout has been the norm for many years, especially for image-heavy websites. Nowadays though, the more popular choice is to break the strict symmetry of grids while still keeping order in a page. The grid layout might have been effective but its rigidity did not offer much in terms of creativity. Now different aspect ratios, white space, even blocks of text are utilized to make a website look more appealing, not to mention encourage engagement with the reader.


Years ago, high resolution photos were not easily accessible online. Websites tended to avoid using too much large photos to avoid slowing down their page. Back then, there did not seem to be much of a place for photographers to share their work.

However, now technology has advanced to the point where HD photos are the norm for most of us and seamless photo editing are commonplace. Photographers and photo editors are essential for any web design team, like Secret Hideout, a design agency based in Singapore.

Trends and fads might come and go but photography by itself is timeless.