How to find the best Sewing Machines for Kids

In this day and age when kids are obsessed with video games, a sewing machine is one of the best gifts you can buy for your little ones. This is because it helps them gain practical skills at an early age. In fact, the sewing skills will be of much use later in life. They will be able to repair their own clothes or probably make a career out of the hobby. And since the sewing machine is designed to have several inbuilt stitches, you can be sure that it will eventually spark creativity in your kids. The other benefit is that the machine is simple to use, which means you don’t have to take your kid to a sewing class. Despite the simplicity, there are some factors that you have to consider when shopping for a kids sewing machine. Here is a list of the things that you should look for in the best sewing machine for kids.

  1. Safety

This one goes without saying. There is no point in investing in a machine that can harm your kid. The majority of machines that are in the market are equipped with a stepping pedal. Most kids are not able to maintain a balance between stepping on the pedal and sewing. Such a distraction can be hazardous. Fortunately, there are sewing machines that feature a push button that guarantees that the kid will remain focused on the sewing process. And that’s all. An ideal machine for kids should have finger guards to protect them against the needle. It’s also important you pay attention to the design of the machine’s feet. Rugged feet are the best because they can’t slip away when the machine is in operation mode.

  1. Built in Stitches

Kids sewing machines normally come with in-built stitches. The manufacturers add this feature to spare the kids from having to attend sewing lessons. Besides that, it makes it easier for a kid to learn how to do various types of stitches to make their piecework look unique. However, a child that’s still green on matters sewing should use a machine with a lesser number of stitches. This is because a higher number can lengthen their learning curve and probably kill their interest in the art.

  1. Weight and Free Arm

 Weight is a very crucial factor when hunting for a kids sewing machine. Remember kids don’t have the strength to carry a bulky machine from one room to another. In fact, never assume that your child will be comfortable using the machine where you will fix it in their room. No. they will definitely want to do their thing almost everywhere including the living room and sometimes in the backyard. The other concern is that a bulky machine can be dangerous in case it slips off the table and lands on their little toes. It’s also important you opt for a machine that comes with a free arm. This guarantees that the kid will be able to work on fabrics that have areas that are not easy to reach.

  1. Warranty and Automatic Functions

This one too is a no brainer. As your kid carries the machine around the house, it’s obvious that they will drop it accidentally. That’s why a machine that’s meant for kids is designed to survive from extreme punishment that results from being tossed around. In fact, the best machines feature a warranty that can outgrow your little one’s childhood. The advantage of buying a sewing machine with a warranty is that the dealer will meet the cost of repairing it if stops functioning before the expiry of the validity period. The other thing is that you should give priority to a machine that comes with automatic functions. Keep in mind that kids can easily be overwhelmed when it comes to winding the bobbin and threading the needle. You should therefore pick a machine that automates these complicated tasks at the touch of a button.