How to Find the Best Free WordPress Hosting

Website owners can spend hundreds of dollars a month on web hosting alone!

But if you operate a WordPress site, it is possible to spend $0 a month on hosting.

That’s right: free WordPress hosting does exist, provided you know where to look.

Of course, with anything that’s free, it’s essential to prioritize quality. Not all cheap WordPress hosts offer lightning-fast speeds and stellar service.

In this post, we discuss tips for finding the best free WordPress hosting that doesn’t sacrifice quality!

1. Identify Your Hosting Needs

What does a WordPress host actually do? Hosting services ensure that your website is accessible on the world wide web.

They also provide storage space for your content. Amounts vary depending on your hosting provider and plan. For example, a free WordPress hosting plan through WordPress itself offers 3 GB of storage.

As you seek out free WordPress hosting, figure out what you need from your WP host.

Are you launching a business website? Promoting a blog with lots of content, including images? If so, you’ll want to look at hosts that provide as much storage space and bandwidth as possible for their $0 price tag.

Hosting services can also influence how quickly your site loads. If you need lightning-fast loading speeds, look for hosts with Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). CDNs can offer a more efficient way of loading content for visitors.

Lastly, some web hosts enable email integration. This can be valuable for website owners who want custom email addresses that match their domain names. If this sounds like a need for you, keep it on your list as you browse free hosting plans. 

2. Research Hosts Who Have Been Around the WP Block

There are thousands, if not millions, of web hosts out there. Some have been around for longer than others. Narrow down your list of free WordPress hosts by prioritizing the ones who’ve been in the industry longer.

For example, X10Hosting, which offers cloud-based hosting, has been serving WordPress site owners for a decade. It’s built quite a reputation for cloud storage hosting, and yes, it has a free package!

You can also host your site for free through WordPress itself. This is always a safe bet, as WP powers a third of the internet! Keeping your free hosting in-house can also help you resolve any technical issues more quickly.

3. Make Room for Growth

As you expand your WordPress site, you may eventually end up wanting to upgrade to premium, paid hosting plans. It’s possible to find these for as little as $2.50 a month!

Depending on your site needs, you may also want to investigate other hosting services, including dedicated server, iRegister, or data center services. 

Make sure the host you choose enables users to scale for growth. Most free hosts will offer some sort of upgrade possibility. After all, they want to make money at some point!

Be wary, however, of hosts that continually nudge users for upgrades. This may signal lower quality $0 packages.

4. Test ‘Em Out

With free WordPress hosting, the truth does lie in the experience. Try on a host for size, and if it doesn’t meet your needs, switch to another.

Of course, switching hosts can be a bit of a pain. To save time and effort, spend time now researching the providers likely to help your WordPress site soar.

Final Thoughts: Free WordPress Hosting

Your WordPress site can be visible to the world at zero cost to you! As you seek out free WordPress hosting, research experienced hosts who will meet all of your storage, loading speed, and content delivery needs.

Once you’ve chosen your host, it’s time to ensure your site is secure. Check out our blog to learn more about the top WordPress plugins for security!