5 Simple Photo Gifts Anyone Can Make

Looking for a personalized gift for friends or family? Make a photo gift! You don’t have to pay an exorbitant price to a professional to design it. There are a few simple and fun photo gifts that pretty much anyone can make. Here are some ideas:

  1. Photo Calendars

Photo calendars make the perfect gift because they’re fun and useful! Most people have several calendars to keep around the house and/or the office so designing a 12-month spread with family photos and memories is priceless.

Although there are many tools you can use to create a photo calendar, it’s important to carefully plan your custom calendar to get the right aesthetic for the recipient. First and foremost, choose a cohesive theme for the background.

Then, fill it with the best photos of the previous year, including photos you know the recipient will love. These photos could be of family, beloved pets, wildlife, or scenic photography you took on your travels.

Finally, include important dates throughout the year. Mark national holidays as well as noteworthy dates the recipient will want to remember, such as birthdays and anniversaries. You can also add cute clipart icons or mini photos to these dates to make them stand out.

  1. Personalized Photo Books

When you really want to show your appreciation for someone, create a fully customized photo book. Photo books make versatile gifts because you can center them around a certain event or time period. You could also make a time-capsule of sorts with memories from long ago.

Like a calendar, a personalized photo book requires careful forethought. A theme is always a great idea, preferably something that’s complementary to the photo subjects. For example, a wedding photo book deserves an elegant or romantic theme.

Add thoughtful captions to each photo. The copy might mark the date or explain why that photo was special. It might also mention part of the memory that’s not pictured to add value. Nothing will tug at the best emotions of the recipient like a customized photo book.

  1. Desk Items

Everyone should personalize their office space. It makes the workspace feel homier, reduces the risk of burnout, boosts mental health, and increases productivity. That’s why a personalized desk item makes a great gift! And, there are lots of options to choose from!

A simple and popular gift is a mouse pad. You can choose a single photo or a collage with text overlay detailing the memory the photo depicts. It’s highly functional and a wonderful touch to an otherwise plain computer setup.

There are also coasters, coffee mugs, banners, pens, photo cubes, magnets, and other fun photo crafts that can quickly and simply transform a boring workspace. Use your imagination based on what you know the recipient will most appreciate.

  1. Modge Podge Crafts

If you’re seeking a hand-crafted photo gift, step away from the digitized photo gifts and get your hands dirty with a craft. Using photos and a special glue called Modge Podge, you can create beautiful photo crafts.

For example, you might select a blocky wooden letter representing an initial of the recipient. Spray paint it one color, and then cut out several small photos that you’ll attach to the letter with Modge Podge. The final effect is stunning!

Other fun crafts include Christmas tree ornaments, photo wreaths, photo-transferred wood slice art, picture puzzles, wall collages, and photo clocks. Get creative! Your loved one will adore this personalized gift made with your own hands!

  1. Pillows and Blankets

Photo transferring technology has come a long way, enabling you to transfer a gorgeous photo, graphic, or quote to fabric without sacrificing the quality. It creates a beautiful finish that the recipient can pass down for generations.

Choose a thoughtful design that looks professional and coordinated. Avoid a messy conglomeration of photos with little rhyme or reason. Let the images and artwork you choose complement each other so that the result is a thoughtful piece of home décor rather than a child’s art project.

The best thing about photo gifts is that you get to use your imagination! You can show the recipient just how much they mean to you with a totally personalized gift they’ll cherish.