4 Easy Steps for Making a Customer Empathy Map

When it comes to defining a market strategy, the first and the most important step is to define the target audience for your business. Not only it helps you tailor your message according to the interest and behavior of your target audience but saves you a lot of money as well. In this modern age of digital marketing, the companies that have their audience defined clearly and are always working on improving the customer experience will always take the competitive edge over other companies. To improve the user experience, you will have to do more than just defining the target audience and will have to dig a little deeper. You can begin from creating a customer empathy map that can help you define your audience much better. Adobe XD says “it helps product teams build a broader understanding of the “why” aspect behind user needs and wants.” Here are a few steps in which you can construct a customer empathy map, let’s have a look:

Define How Your Customer Thinks

The first thing you need to do I define what and how your customer thinks and feels. In this first step, you want to focus on the emotions of the customer. You have to understand what they feel, and what are the concerns that they want you to address. You also need to study how they react to things, are they happy with how your product is represented to them and or if they want it differently. You will have to get insight into their behavior and thoughts to understand them better.

Figure Out What They Are Seeing and Listening

Now you need to find out what is influencing your customers and how you can use it to your advantage. For example, find out if they are influenced more by TV ads or are they more likely to rely on the word of a family member or a friend who have used the product or service in the past. Figure out how they get their information whether they watch TV news or have mobile updates on their phone. All this information can help you a lot in making an effective marketing strategy.

Define What Your Ideal Customer Does

Find out what your ideal customer says about you in public and what has led them to that conclusion. If it is something positive, then try to work on it and strengthen it more. And if they have critique just understand where they are coming from and what influences them to say that. This helps you understand their behavior, and you can design a strategy to create a shift in their behavior.

Define Customer’s Pain & Gains

You all so need to see the other side of your customer and have to spot the things that frustrate them or the obstacles they have in their way. This can help you understand what stops your customers from achieving their goals and how it can help you provide them with better user experience. You should also define the success of your customers and to identify their wants and what satisfies them.