3 Elements of Good Logo Design for Your WordPress Website

Your logo could easily be the most memorable component of your WordPress website—or any other form of publicity, for that matter. However, it’s imperative that your logo reflects the fundamentals of modern logo design.

WordPress’s own logo, which is placed very subtly in a corner on most websites using the platform, has such a clean design that it’s hard not to notice. Yours can be like this too.

In this brief article, we’ll discuss three fundamental tips or techniques for designing the best possible logo for your WordPress website.

Modern Logo Design Tips

Most businesses have logos, and if they don’t, they’re probably working on them. Will they deploy the standards of modern logo design, though? Only time will tell.

Here are our three tips:

1. The Simpler, the Better

While a good logo might use different colors, these should be limited, and the logo should be reproducible in black and white without obscuring its details and intended meaning.

Don’t add too many details, though. The more there are, the harder to interpret, and the less memorable this important icon will be.

If you need some logo ideas or inspiration, a great place to get started is Adobe Spark. If you have more experience with graphic design software, you can see what you come up with using the full-blown Adobe Illustrator program.

2. Make Sure It’s Scalable

Scalability means being able to reduce or enlarge the logo without any loss of detail or resolution. The same basic image file should be equally usable on a pencil, a tee-shirt, the side of a bus, or the side of a building.

Just imagine that you’ve been tasked with buying a variety of logo-branded merchandise for an entire company.

Vector graphics are both scalable and lossless, meaning they can be enlarged or shrunken without distortion or loss of image quality. Many file formats meet these criteria. A popular scalable format is SVG (standard vector graphic). Another is AI (Adobe Illustrator).

3. It Needs to Represent Your Brand Effectively

An effective brand is where effective marketing meets a stellar imagination. Your personal brand or that of your business should capture your pride and aspirations. It also should hint at and raise the question of what specifically you do.

In other words, your logo should provoke just enough curiosity for its viewer to want to explore further. You might say that an effective brand lies at the juncture between marketing and imagination. Without both, what’s the point?

Long Live the (Good) Logo

Most logos, even the great ones like have to change with the times. Think of Prudential and how it’s stylized the Rock of Gibraltar image over its long corporate history—beginning with a realistic and detailed drawing to the abstraction that’s currently in use.

A good logo needs to maintain a balance with current design trends while maintaining the identity that makes it familiar and even offers a degree of reassurance to consumers of what it represents.

Perhaps this is why the Arm and Hammer logo has changed so little over time—and why it continues to be such a trusted brand.

We hope we’ve been able to share some insight here. Keep checking out our site for more helpful graphic design tips and strategies.