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Webydo’s 50K Community of Professional Designers Creating Their Websites Code-Free, Join The Revolution

Webydo’s 50K Community of Professional Designers Creating Their Websites Code-Free, Join The Revolution

Are you looking to kick start your website design by professional developers? Is there something that is getting in the way or preventing you from starting you from starting your website design project? Is the cost involved too high for you or your clients to hire a developer? These might be some of the questions on the back of your mind whenembark on a new project. Well, fear not, as Webydo is leading the way in professional online website creators to help designers create and publish their websites code-free. You might be thinking that it is similar to those sites offering website designing. Well, it’s not, Webydo is a well-known online design studio which has provided their community of designers a way around the coding so there is no need to hire a developer. Webydo offers you a diversified range of options having customized CMS (Content Management System) at your disposal and entire list of professional features to help kick start your business.


Getting started can sometimes be the most challenging, but Webydo provides you with three clear paths to embark on. First, if you already have a vision for your design you can chose the blank canvas and spill your creative juices out onto this canvas. The other options are to take one of the basic layout options or choose a readymade inspirational design. All of these are completely customizable as well for you to make them your own.Once you have gone through the process of choosing a design, and when you feel satisfied, the site will make that virtual website into a living reality for your business and/or recreation purposes. After you create a website, you can see it live on one the Webydo subdomain, and test it out on the web, share with clients and make your edits right then and there.


CEO of Webydo, Shmulik Grizim believes that they can bring any design to life without wasting time on writing a single line of code. The very same site has also achieved the milestone of breaking previous habits of website designing and complex coding. It has surely provided a feasible detour away from all such worries. The most remarkable feature of it includes the drag and drop option. Webydo’s professional website design studio allows you to import your favorite designs, media, photos and much more to your under-developed webpage using Webydo’s online canvas where you can assemble all the elements the way you like it. This gives you the utmost liberty of website design for each and every pixel on your webpage.

Do you want to insert any value-adding feature? Not a problem! The technical features of websites; like, blogging features propped up with various forms and Google map integration is more than just a need for any business. The popularity of this B2B website design platform is reflected from the ever-increasing influx of 50,000+ designer community within Webydo. These professional designers also helping to craft the future of the platform by regularly submitting new feature suggestions and voting on what should be added next right on the Participate page.


Webydo is surely a unique blend of beautifully crafted webpages and endless marketing horizons for promoting a bold perspective of your very own business. Webydo has a number of qualified and expert designers which have the experience of developing numerous websites and an ability to convert them into a success. Design a website can be quite a tedious and time consuming process and this is Webydo is so remarkable, because they have provided a professional design platform for creative professionals to take full control of their design projects from creating, to publishing and managing. By allowing designers to rebrand the CMS with their logo or send branded invoices, the platform functions more efficiently for the designers at work. So, if you are looking for having better marketing prospects, you would surely contact us for crafting your very own pathway towards success.


This article is proudly sponsored & presented by Webydo’s designer’s community.

Free Download: Vector Polygon Speech Bubble Icons

Free Download: Vector Polygon Speech Bubble Icons

There are many icons on the internet. However, you may find very difficult to look for a high quality one. Sometimes, to enable your design to have better expression, speech icons are very useful.

This nice set of speech icons is deisgned by Vecteezy. It contains numbers of speech icons which can allow you to apply to different scenarios. More importantly, it is completely free for your use. You can download the icons enhance your web presence today. The iconset is in psd, ai and eps for your ease of use.


Download for Free Now

Depositphotos – Royalty-Free Stock Photos and Illustrations

Depositphotos – Royalty-Free Stock Photos and Illustrations


Depositphotos is the best source for premium royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vector art. If you are a designer, advertiser, photo editor, content manager or blogger, they have millions of high-quality photographs and vector images available at affordable prices to fill all your image needs.


Their libraries are updated daily through contributor uploads that are closely scrutinized for quality and originality. Between the protections and the controls, you’re assured of finding the highest quality original artwork available anywhere.

It’s easy to become a Buyer right now – just Register an account and start buying pictures today! It’s easy to become a Seller, too. Register for a Seller account and upload your images for review. Once they are reviewed and approved your images you can start selling and earning right away! The system is designed to reward the best sellers, so whether you’re a professional or hobbyist, there’s virtually no limit to what you can earn.

Subscription Plans

Subscription plans allow you to download several photos each day, up to your plan limit. Every image you download using any of subscription plans is provided in all JPEG sizes and Vector images. You may purchase subscription plans of many different levels, from 3 days to 12 months, depending on your needs. It is really handy for designers that need stock images frequently.


Free Trail

You can also try out their Free Trial Subscription too. You will be able to download any stock photos or vector images you like absolutely free of charge. Depositphotos’ Free Trial Subscription allows users to download 5 free stock images per day for 7 days. You can use images downloaded during your Free Trial Subscription for any reason, such as personal projects, websites, blogs, newsletters, journals, advertisements, etc.


Depositphotos is one of the best resources for buying and selling Royalty-free photographs and vector images. Their vast library of imagestock coupled with their wide variety of flexible purchase options makes them the most convenient and profitable tool for designers, artists and photographers

Awesome Artworks Printed on Quality Posters

Awesome Artworks Printed on Quality Posters

Posters are great avenues to showcase one’s creativity. They allow artists to express themselves in countless ways. Posters are designed to be both eye-catching and convey information. The followings will show you some sophisticated artworks printed on quality posters which can admire yourself.

Captain America


Professional Cat


Acrobatic Hero


Attack of the Zombies




Blue Faced Beast




Dark & Demanding


Cute Kitties






Coming for Us


Flying First Class


Alone in the War


Ape Emotion


Busy Designer


Cosmic Bubble


Fire Mage


Go Up Spidey




Low-poly Self Portrait Photoshop Tutorial

Low-poly Self Portrait Photoshop Tutorial

Low-poly self portrait tutorial” is a Photoshop tutorial created by Brazilian creative director Breno Bitencourt. In this tutorial, Breno Bitencourt will show you how to create a low-poly portrait in illustrator and Photoshop step by step.

The main techniques used here are masks and blending modes, Photoshop’s auto contrast, auto colour and auto levelsfunctions. There are also something basic you should know .Working with the best reference photo, choosing the best fragments to combine in a single image, dealing with the time-consuming part of the triangular mesh, firing up illustrator with pen tool, using align panel & vertical align center to deal with details, and adding color.
Watch the Video tutorial below and enjoy today’s lesson!

Low-poly Self Portrait Photoshop Tutorial-1
Low-poly Self Portrait Photoshop Tutorial-2
Low-poly Self Portrait Photoshop Tutorial-3
Low-poly Self Portrait Photoshop Tutorial-4
Low-poly Self Portrait Photoshop Tutorial-5
Low-poly Self Portrait Photoshop Tutorial-6
Low-poly Self Portrait Photoshop Tutorial-7
Low-poly Self Portrait Photoshop Tutorial-8
Low-poly Self Portrait Photoshop Tutorial-9
Low-poly Self Portrait Photoshop Tutorial-10
Low-poly Self Portrait Photoshop Tutorial-11
Low-poly Self Portrait Photoshop Tutorial-12
Low-poly Self Portrait Photoshop Tutorial-13
Low-poly Self Portrait Photoshop Tutorial-14
Low-poly Self Portrait Photoshop Tutorial-15
Low-poly Self Portrait Photoshop Tutorial-16
Low-poly Self Portrait Photoshop Tutorial-17
Low-poly Self Portrait Photoshop Tutorial-18

How to Create an Eye Catching Digital Illustration

How to Create an Eye Catching Digital Illustration

In this tutorial, we’re going to teach you how to use simple elements at your disposal and combine them to create an eye catching digital illustration. We will work through techniques like lighting placement, clipping masks, shadows and more. If you want to improve your Illustration skills and composition then this tutorial is for you.

Final Preview

Tutorial Details

Completion Time: 1 hour 30 mins
Stock: Beauty –

Step 1

Open up Photoshop and import your stock photo, I used Beauty From IstockPhoto in this case. Once you have the stock photo opened up, duplicate the layer by right clicking on the background layer and hitting duplicate layer (CTRL + J). Its always good to have a copy of your original present in your composition.

Now let’s add a Image adjustment, go up to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Gradient Map and use the default Gradient Black to White, now drop the opacity of the layer down to 52% and set the blending mode to Luminosity.

Go up to Layer>New Fill Layer>Gradient and hit the OK button and choose a gradient that runs Dark Blue(#0e272f) to Light Blue(#5993a4) Now set the Blending mode of that layer to Screen and erase parts of the layer that you do not want.

Step 2

Now get yourself a Bubble C4D that you like and import it into the image, Position it where you want it and change the Blending mode to Linear Dodge. I positioned the Bubble C4D on the Bottom part of her shoulder.

Now go up to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Brightness and Contrast – Set your Brightness to +27 and your contrast to +39 and hit OK.

After setting up a new adjustment layer, create a new layer by going to Layer>New>Layer (CTRL + SHIFT + N) and Fill it with Black(#000000) set the blending options of the layer to Linear Dodge and grab your Brush Tool from your toolbar. I used a 500px sizes brush with bright orange(#ff6b00) and Faded Red(#7f1618) to Create two large lighting circles. I then scaled down the brush and used a soft white brush to just add some lighting depth to the circles and this is what it looked like without the blending mode active.

Step 3

We are going to use this step to add a few adjustment layers to our piece. Firstly go up to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Gradient Map and choose the stock Purple(#290a59) to Orange(#ff7c00) Gradient and set the blending mode to Screen and the Fill to 13%.

Now go up to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Curves bend the curve slightly down, you will have to play around with the curves to get your desired depth on the image itself. Now go up to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Levels and set your levels to 6 – 1.13 – 253

After setting up those adjustment layers, you should have the outcome show below:

Step 4

Now we will create a new layer by going to Layer>New>Layer and then grab your gradient tool, (Shift + G) then set your gradient colors: Orange(#ff7c00) to Pink(#cc0033) and drag it from the top left hand corner to the right bottom corner and then set your blending mode to Soft Light and your Opacity to 30%. Be sure to erase any part of the gradient you don’t like.

The next part I used a Lighting Image that I download from Barton Damer that he shared with us last year, but he has since removed the pack for download and I am not able to share the full image with you guys, sorry for that. What I would have done is get hold of some long exposure photos that either you have taken or bought from somewhere. I integrated the image into the composition and set the blending mode to Linear Dodge and the opacity at 87%

Step 5

Now you are going to create a scatter brush, choose your brush tool (B) and choose a reasonably small size brush in the range of 2px – 5px and a Hardness of 100% and then go to Window>Brushes now check out the settings in the images below.

After setting up your brush create a new layer by going to Layer>New>Layer (Ctrl + Shift + N) and then choose white as your foreground color and brush along the lines of your previous layer, the lighting effect/exposure shot. You should have something like this.

Step 6

In this step we are going to use parts of the image itself to create a new element to use, Firstly create a new layer by going to Layer>New>Layer and then go to Image>Apply Image (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E) now grab your marquee tool and draw a small rectangle on her face, you can choose where, but I chose across her nose and eye and then hit (Ctrl + Shift + C) That merge copies the current selection.

Now create a New Layer by going to Layer>New>Layer (Ctrl + Shift + N) and then go up to Edit>Paste this will paste the copied piece in a new layer. Now go to Edit>Free Transform (Ctrl + T) and rotate the selection 45 Degrees.

Now set the Blending Mode to Soft Light and Move it down into the Lighting Area, I copied the selection twice and just moved them around on top of each other to create a vibrant feel. I also erased the parts that I don’t like to blend it in better.

Step 7

Now create a new layer by going to Layer>New>Layer and fill that layer with black(#000000) now set the blending mode of that layer to Linear Dodge and Grab your Brush tool, use a moderate size tool of about 500px with hardness set to 0%. Use a Dark Yellow(#f38d30) as your foreground color and brush in the bottom left corner of the piece. Remember to brush on the same layer that you filled with black. Now with the same layer selected go up to Filter>Blur>Radial Blur and use the zoom effect at 100% you should have something like this.

Next I used a Smoke Image that I got from SXC – and imported it into the composition. I then set the blending mode to Linear Dodge and set the Opacity to 27% I then Used Free Transform Edit>Free Transform to rotate the image to the left a bit and move it down into the comp to compliment the flushed lighting at the bottom.

I then created a new layer Layer>New>Layer and filled it with black(#000000) I then went to Filter>Noise>Add Noise and set it to 33% Uniform and Monochromatic noise and hit OK. I then went to Image>Adjustments>Levels and used the settings below:

Now set the Blending Mode of the layer to Linear Dodge and the Opacity to 37% and erase the areas over her face and the areas you don’t want. You should have something like this.

Step 8

In this step we will be leveling out the lighting in the piece a bit. Firstly create a new layer by going to Layer>New>Layer and then grabbing your brush tool at a medium size set the blending mode to Linear Dodge and then use a bright color ex.yellow or white to fill in the lighting gaps on the left hand side of the image, play around with the strength of the brush to determine how bright you want the actual brushing to be.

Next create another new layer and then set the blending mode to Linear Dodge now with the same brush choose a Soft Green (#c1b568) and brush it along the side of her eye, above her cheek.

Next create another new layer and set the blending mode to Linear Dodge and now using a bit larger brush with the color Pink(#c03369) brush on the bottom of the image to equal the pink at the bottom. You should have something like this.

Step 9

Now create a new layer by going to Layer>New>layer and then grabbing your brush tool and picking a nice splatter brush to use. Now brush on the back of her neck with the splatters moving away from her. Now hide that layer and create a new layer. Now go to Image>Apply Image and then unhide the layer that you previously hid that contains the splatter brushing now with the new applied image layer selected press (Ctrl + G) or right click on the layer and select Create Clipping mask. Now grab your Move tool (V) and then move the image around, you will see the image moving around within your splattered brush. Move the image around until you are totally satisfied with it.

Now Create a New another New Layer and select your Brush tool, but a normal Large soft brush ex 900px now select a soft blue color(#00acec) and brush on the bottom of the image on the right hand side, Now select Pink (#c03369) and brush on the left hand side, after you have brushed set the Blending mode of the layer to Linear Dodge.

Now go to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Black and White and then hit OK. Set the Opacity to 53% and then erase parts of the layer that cover her face and the colors on the bottom. You should have something like this.

Step 10

We will start off by going to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Gradient Map and then use the default black to white gradient and set the blending mode to Multiply and then erase the sections that you don’t want part of the gradient map.
Now in this section grab your Polygonal Lasso Tool (Shift + L) and then make a selection in the upper section of the piece that runs 45 degrees like seen below.

Now create a New Layer by going to Layer>New>Layer and then grab your gradient tool and set the gradient- white to nothing. And then drag your gradient tool from the top right to the bottom left within the selection then deselect the selection by going to Select>Deselect and then change the blending mode of your layer to Overlay and the Opacity to 58%. Now repeat that process about another two times putting them where you want them to be and where it suites your image.

Step 11

Now use the same scatter brush technique that you used in STEP 5 and Create a New Layer and fill it with Black then set the Blending mode to Color Dodge and opacity to 82% and then use a White scatter brush, a bit larger than the previous one though. Brush along your exposure lines and erase the parts you don’t like.

Now create a new layer by going to Layer>New>Layer and then go to your brush tool and select a 19px hard brush and then grab your pen tool (P) now drag a line on your earlier copied face layers and then stroke that layer with simulate pressure, offset it a little bit though. Set the Blending mode of the layer to Overlay and now repeat that process on the other edges of the copied piece.

You should have something like this:

Step 12

Create a New Layer and fill it with black. Set the Blending mode to Linear Dodge and Opacity to 60% now grab a Large Soft Brush and use the color Blue(#00acec) and brush on the bottom right hand side of the image and then use a soft Pink(#ff74d1) brush in the middle on the right hand side. You can use the colors that match your image if you aren’t following my exact tutorial.

Create a New Layer and then go to Image>Apply Image now go up to Filter>Liquify then use the Twirl Brush in the Liquify toolset and create random swirls and motions. Hit OK when you’re done and then set the Blending mode of the Layer to Lighter Color and erase all the parts that you do not want present in the image.

Now create another new layer and then set the Blending Mode to Color Dodge and grab your Brush Tool and select a Large Soft Brush and use the color Purple(#3b2d82) to light up the top of her head on the right hand side. You should have something like this.

Step 13

Create a Gradient map by going to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Gradient Map and use the Default Black to White Gradient and set the Blending Mode to Luminosity and the Opacity to 44% Now create a new layer and use a Soft Pink brush(#ff4dd7) and brush on her check for some shine.

Now Create a new Layer by going to Layer>New>Layer and then setting your brush size to 10px and then grabbing your pen tool. Now Drag a small line with your pen tool and then stroke that line with Simulate Pressure and delete the path by right clicking>Delete Path. Now with the Layer selected hit (Ctrl + J) or right click on the layer and hit Duplicate Layer. Now use the Free Transform (Ctrl+T) tool to rotate the stripe 90 degrees. On the same layer grab your brush tool and increase the size of the brush and use it to make a dot in the middle of the corresponding stripes. Now press (Ctrl + E) to merge one layer down. Now move the star around to where you want to place it. Now duplicate it by right clicking on the layer and pressing Duplicate Layer and then move it around to another place. Play around a bit by duplicating them and resizing them to suite your needs. You should have something similar to me below.

Step 14

Last but not least create a new gradient map by going to Layer>New Adjustment Layer >Gradient map and choose the blue(#0a00b2) to Red(#ff0000) to Yellow(#fffc00) gradient and then hit OK. Set your Blending mode on the Layer to Soft Light and The Opacity to 18% and you’re done.

Thanks for reading the tutorial.

About the Author

Artist: Jacques van Heerden // An1ken
Twitter: @An1ken –

Parallax Your Site, Code-Free & Join Webydo’s Closed Beta

Parallax Your Site, Code-Free & Join Webydo’s Closed Beta

Webydo offers a code-free, fully integrated website design solution for professional web designers. However, what does it take for a designer to start creating sites for their clients? First, after a year, Webydo has become known and widely praised by the creative professional community for their intuitive design studio, feature rich options and ability to continuously develop and add new features for their designers. The best part about all of this is that there is absolutely no code involved.


Innovation is piped in through the air vents at Webydo because what the designers are able to accomplish in a year has taken other similar platforms twice the amount of time. The latest and most exciting feature update is Webydo’s code-free, Parallax Scrolling Animator. Presently only offered in closed-beta, Webydo is granting access to the first 3,000 designers who sign up. Keep in mind that this is a hot feature and picking up a lot of attention and invites are running out quick, so grab yours before this unique opportunity closes.


Webydo’s mission is to put designers in the driver’s seat of every project or task. Good news for designers is that by adding the ability to create a Parallax Scrolling website with their pixel-perfect animator, they can work independently to create and manage websites for their clients that will meet today’s hottest web design trends. We have seen some big names recently switch over to parallax scrolling such as Puma and Sony. In addition, designers can work on a site to site basis or upgrade their work load by signing up for the team or agency packages. This allows designers to have more control over their client’s websites and growing their design agency.


You can place Webydo in the center of your business so that you have the option to do more in less time. It’s not going to be the run of the mill website creator. Getting starting is more intuitive for the experienced designer thanks to the familiar layout that is akin to that of Photoshop or InDesign. Shortening the learning curve and getting designers creating sites either right from a blank canvas or to take inspiration from one of the readymade designs or layout options.


There are some incredible features within this B2B cloud-based design suit. You will be able to create a great looking website from start to finish without using code. You can also bill your clients within the dashboard. When your clients enter the CMS aspect to make any changes to content, they see your logo thanks to the white labeling option, allowing you to not only brand the dashboard but also help clients to see exactly where they are.

The community is really what makes Webydo so unique. The “Participate” page is where designers can propose features and let the community vote. Within a few weeks, the Parallax Scrolling Animator will also be live, which is one of the hottest trends hitting web design right now. In case you’re not sure of what this is, it allows depth, movement, and animation to be added when a user scrolls down the length of a web page. Providing an almost 3D affect, that started picking up popularity in video games and then taking off in 2013 by the web design community.


Webydo’s closed-beta invites are again available for the first 8,000 designers who sign up and they will have the opportunity to be some of the first to experience the freedom of Parallax Scrolling Animation with Webydo.


This article is presented by Webydo’s professional community of designers.